Children’s Meditation Teacher Training Course

children meditation teacher certification training

Become a Certified Children’s Meditation Teacher

Online training course May–June 2020

In this meditation instructor certification training, you will be coached and trained on how to teach children at every age and stage of their development the self-awareness, ethical living, self-soothing, and concentration practices of mindfulness meditation.

Studies have shown that learning meditation practices at an early age increases a child’s emotional stability, resilience, self-confidence, and prepares the child to successfully navigate life’s emotional ups and downs.

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In the children’s meditation teacher training certification course, you’ll learn how to be a mentor and teacher to children at every age and stage of their development. This training will empower you with age-appropriate practices to help children gain better self awareness, to manage anxiety, to promote well being, and to live a more ethical and joyful life.

Some benefits that you’ll gain from the children’s yoga teacher training course include:

  • Help kids to lead healthier lives
  • Teach coping and wellness skills that will last a lifetime
  • Become a trusted mentor and guide
  • Gain skills to develop richer connections
  • Teach your own children
  • Advance your career
  • Contribute to others’ well-being
  • Become part of the yoga and meditation teaching community
  • Take a journey of personal growth
  • Have A LOT of fun!

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Deborah Bennett yoga teacher Fredericksburg

About Your Instructor

Your trainer and mentor, Deborah Bennett, is a E-RYT 500 instructor. Deborah has studied developmental psychology, is a certified Montessori teacher, and is a para-professional counselor for at-risk youth. Deborah has been teaching children of all ages yoga, meditation and the deep philosophies of yoga for over 35 years.

Prerequisites and Prior Experience

The Children’s Meditation Teacher Training course is open to ALL experience levels. Yoga teacher certification training is useful, but not necessary for this children’s yoga teacher certification training. If you are not currently certified as a yoga instructor, the children’s meditation training course is a great introduction to many aspects of yoga training and an excellent starter series—especially if you have an interest in working with children.


Tuition for the course is $120 and payable when registering for the course.


All class sessions are held online with Zoom. You’ll be able to attend and participate from wherever you’re comfortable.

Course Schedule

The children’s yoga teacher training course starts May 5th and meets weekly for five weeks, until 2nd. Our class schedule will be as follows:

June 5 (Week 1) — Course introduction, meditation philosophy, and meditation for infants
May 12 (Week 2) — Ethics and meditation for toddlers
May 19 (Week 3) — Meditation and ethics for young children
May 26 (Week 4) — Meditation and ethics for older children and pre-teens
June 2 (Week 5) — Ethics and meditation for teenagers, course conclusion

** Participants will receive a certificate of completion and 13 CEUs from Heal Me Institute.


Registration is easy. To register for the 2020 Children’s Meditation Teacher Certification Training, simply complete the training application form and pay the $120 tuition fee. We’ll follow up with you by email with additional details, including course study materials and what you’ll want to do to prepare.

We love teaching yoga and meditation, and we hope we’ll have the chance to learn and grow with you in 2020!

For More Information

For more information about the children’s meditation teacher training certification or any of Heal Me Yoga’s other courses, feel free to contact us at We’ll be happy to help!

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