Teacher Training

200 hour starts September 9th and 10th. 2018 Ends June 10th. 2019

300 hour starts September 16th and 17th, 2017 Ends June 17th, 2018 – Module 1

300 hour starts September 15th and 16th, 2018 Ends June 16th, 2019 – Module 2

Children’s starts September 23rd 2018 and ends June 24th, 2019

Heal Me Institute is offering a comprehensive 

200 hours Yoga teachers training 
course to receive certification with Heal Me Institute and enable you to register with
The Yoga Alliance
Deborah Bennett is our lead trainer.
Classes will be held at Stafford House of Yoga, 971 Garrisonville Rd, 22556 Stafford, Virginia
In the yoga teacher’s certification training program you will gain proficiency in the practice and teaching of the 8 limbs of yoga which include: the asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing practices), bandhas, mudras, and meditation.


 Upon completing this course you will:
  • Be a Certified Yoga Teacher in the healing yoga tradition.
  • Feel comfortable with your own teaching style and with the knowledge of how to teach a yoga class safely.
  • Be knowledgeable about the healing aspects of yoga and the benefits of all the poses and other yoga practices like pranayama, mudras, bandhas, and meditation.
  • Have a basic knowledge of Ayurveda philosophies which will be helpful in keeping you and your students healthy.
  •  Be able to prepare food that helps the energy in the body to stay peaceful and healthy.
  • There will be extensive training on Anatomy and Physiology and Meta-physiology which is the chakra or energy system and how to unblock the energy system and keep it healthy with yoga
  • Have an increased knowledge of the healing science of yoga and yoga philosophies to pass on to your students.
  • Receive a certificate of completion which will enable you to register with Yoga Alliance.

For More Info about Yoga Alliance visit their website at https://www.yogaalliance.org/
For more Information on the Curriculum, go to our Training Curriculum page.

$250 Registration btn_paynow_lg
$1900 full tuition btn_paynow_lg
$200 per month for 10 months btn_paynow_lg


This Course is for you…

  • Whether you are a practicing yoga teacher and would like to become certified or,
  • you would like to become a yoga teacher and  help people on a path to greater health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually or
  • you would like to participate in the course to deepen your own yoga practice and knowledge of yoga philosophy.
To apply for the teacher’s training program, you must fill out the Training Application. Once you have been approved you may then pay the registration fee to hold your place in the program.