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 May 20th – The Nature of the Mind (Part II) & how to make peace with it

2pm- 4:30pm

 Join us with motivational speaker, mystic poet and author, Don Hoes as he shares a workshop from his Higher Consciousness Empowerment Series on the Nature of the Mind, and how to make both inner and outer peace with it, thus creating peace with ourselves, Others and Our World.

* This will be PART II with a brief recap of last the April 27th workshop. All that attended please bring your handout. We will also have some brief yoga streaching and exersice about half way throught the workshop with Debbie Bennett. 😀

Nature of the Mind – in this workshop we share on how the Mind works using a little neuroscience. Mind is A – Maze – ing. What is the role of the mind as it concerns our physical well being, mundane and spiritual life, spiritual progress and meditation. We will take a look at three – five main functions of mind and we will learn to view them as energies. They are negative energies that can become obstacles in meditation and also our daily living processes. We did three in the first (Part I) of this and will recap and go over the other two and any others we come up with 😀

How do we over come the minds powerful hold and control over us. How can we make peace with the mind. All these questions and more will be answered in this workshop, and we will end with a short practice on Meditation, we call the ‘Art of Silence’, It holds the key on how to overcoming the mind so we can have more peace, peace of mind, positive focus and tranquility in meditation and in our daily living activities and process.
* Be prepared, we will include a FREE group meditation with instruction after the workshop.

Handout Provided! Please have pen and pad for notes
Some provide for early birds. Cost is $20 for Pre-Registration
$25 at the door. Pre-registration is helpful for material needs.

* Plenty of Free parking both front and back lots.

* Light Veggie refreshments and Looking Forward

$20 early bird

$25 at the door